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Graphic - Social Media Matters

Social Media Marketing Matters

Are you looking to engage with your audience across the social landscape?

Social media can be an important part of your marketing mix. It can be a fantastic way to reach your audience where they are and engage with them with a personal approach. Your message can empower your audience to talk about, interact with, and amplify your offering.

Engage your audience

By engaging with your audience in a natural and conversational way through content, messaging and multimedia you can uncover new opportunities to create a more humanistic narrative around your brand.

Your message is unique

What works for one, might not work for another. This is why developing a social media marketing strategy and measuring results against your goals is a more effective approach.

Your message is unique

Paid advertising on social channels can work perfectly with paid search and is a powerful way of targeting the right audience on a consistent basis. Paid social can be complex and expensive if it isn’t managed effectively. We have a breadth of experience in paid social marketing, conversion optimisation, and re-marketing methods. These techniques grow your return on investment and get more value out of your marketing budget.

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Social Media Marketing Is Different

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Let’s face it, people don’t go for boring stuff on social media, they go for what entertains, informs, or moves them. You can create a unique presence by creating great informational videos, how to blogs/tips, sharing interesting articles and engaging imagery.

A strategic approach

We work directly with you to define your audience, create persona’s and develop a strategy on how to engage with them, add value to their experience, build rapport for your brand and ultimately create a natural sales process that never relies on hard selling.

Owning the conversation

Social media is all about getting into a great conversation with people who have a genuine interest in what your business has to offer, so being unique really helps. By standing out from the crowd and providing genuine value, your audience naturally want to buy from you and support your brand.

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Content Marketing That Resonates

Do you want to improve your business reputation, rapport and revenue naturally?

Content marketing can be a great way of helping your audience discover your services or products naturally. By answering their questions, entertaining them or solving their problems, you can build loyalty and trust for your brand. A great content marketing strategy can include blogs, videos, updates, imagery, reviews, advice and so much more.

From discovery to sale

We create strategies that engage with your audience at every stage of the buyer cycle, from discovery, to sale, to loyal customer. A great content marketing strategy can improve your SEO campaigns and help to put your sales and business goals on autopilot. Great content helps your audience get to know and trust your business and can be combined effectively with your other marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Content marketing that stands out

Creating high value content that resonates with you audience requires quality writing, editing, research, monitoring and development on a consistent basis. We can manage every aspect of your content marketing strategy from creation and copy-writing to website blog management and more. Let us take the stress out of content marketing for you and give you time back to focus on running your business.

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Social Media Marketing Is

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A client’s results on Facebook before & after their first campaign started

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

What benefits can social media marketing bring to you and your business?

  • Connector.

    It gives your brand a unique voice

    Whether it’s fun and quirky, risque and cheeky or friendly and informative, social media can help you amplify it.

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    Your audience can reach out to you

    Social media is one of the most underused forms of customer service, yet more and more people expect to talk directly to businesses through their preferred social channel.

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    Powerful and extended reach

    When great content is combined with both organic and paid promotion it can reach people in more unique ways.

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    Social proof is the new word of mouth

    Social proof is a thing of beauty. What better way to promote your services or products than to have your audience sell it to their friends for you? No hard sell needed.

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    Granularity gives you focus

    The level of data can be staggering. The results of a great campaign can be magical, but patience and skill are required in order to navigate the social waters.

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    It can direct the right people to your website

    Most business interactions online will happen on your website. Social media can be a fantastic way of helping the right people find and engage with your website easily.

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    Paid promotion is scalable and relevant

    If you’re looking to grow, paid social advertising can be fantastic at maximising your reach. Find more of the right people for your business.

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