What’s The Story?

Passionate About Growing Your Business With Integrity

A People First Approach To Digital Marketing

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Hi, We are Be Fair Marketing Co; A digital marketing agency that specialises in helping creative, ethical and social enterprises harness the power of online marketing in all its diverse forms.

Whether it’s building websites and promoting them on search engines or creating original content that talks to your audience on their level, we thrive on helping businesses like yours stand out from the crowd and get meaningful results instead of just bamboozling you with jargon and marketing metrics.

This passion, combined with a friendly, can-do attitude and modern marketing methods, has nurtured a dynamic skill-set that helps businesses like yours grow, ethically and sustainably, well into the future.

Why Be Fair Marketing Co?

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Be Fair was set up to fly in the face of smarmy, pushy salespeople, misleading adverts and jargon fueled guru’s that plague the marketing industry. We believe that there is a better, more transparent way to advertise your business, a way that promotes honesty and integrity in its messaging just as clearly as you promote these values within your business too.

We don’t believe in being all things to every business. Instead, we focus on what we’re passionate about, people and businesses that do good things. Whether you’re in the creative industry, you help to improve the wellbeing of people, animals or the environment or your business believes in responsible products and services that improve the lives of the people who use them, then we want to work with you

About The Founder

Picture of business owner - Dan Charles and his daughter

Owner – Dan Charles

Dan Charles founded Be Fair Marketing Co after nearly 10 years of working in the digital marketing industry and witnessing all the good and bad things that happen to small businesses in the hands of more unscrupulous service providers, which he had no control over.

He knew right from the start that creating strategies for businesses that encompassed websites, search engines, social media and content was the best way to create truly authentic and sustainable results.

Dan knew that by focusing on the unique aspects of your business first, you always start with your best foot forward. This genuine approach harnesses what really resonates with the types of people your business aims to reach. If you don’t have to make stuff up in order to get a sale then the real rewards are endless.

Dan works tirelessly with businesses that believe in doing the right thing first. He has always believed in offering quality services at a genuine price and stands firmly in the realm of “You can’t by the Mona Lisa for £50 and you shouldn’t buy a pencil for £20k either”

Over the past decade Dan has worked relentlessly to help businesses succeed and gained a lot of respect for being upfront, honest and transparent about what digital marketing can do for businesses like yours. By focusing on long-term plans and a collaborative effort, we can all see the biggest rewards come to fruition.

Where We Stand

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We don’t offer turn-key solutions. Afterall, aren’t all great businesses built on long-lasting relationships and integrity? Our projects consistently outperform competitors who simply don’t care how the results come in, so long as they come in.

By focusing on long-term collaboration and ethical, sustainable growth for businesses that resonate with our ethos, Be Fair Marketing Co has created a tremendous feeling of job satisfaction that fuels the passion behind each and every project.

Be Fair Marketing Co’s team works remotely to avoid the commuter grind, nurture creativity and enhance our flexibility and productivity too. We know that your business never sleeps and we believe that growing your business is a 24/7 venture.

Our flexible approach breaks away from the shackles of the old industry practices and embraces the new. We believe that every project is an adventure and we’d love you to come along for the ride.


Marketing Co

Marketing Principles

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What it means to collaborate with Be Fair Marketing Co

These marketing principles were developed over several years and are the guidelines to how Be Fair Marketing Co operates.

  • Custom web development

    That fixes problems instead of just “creating a need”, and genuinely exceeds business goals.

  • Search engine optimisation

    Legitimately improving search traffic and keeping all marketing activities open and transparent.

  • Creative copywriting

    That doesn’t emotionally manipulate the reader and engages with them in a genuine narrative

  • PPC/AdWords

    Based on fair competition that focuses on building trust at all times.

  • UX/User experience

    That genuinely puts the user first and aims to provide the best experience in any scenario

  • Conversion rate optimisation

    Only legitimate, white hat methods shall be used to help improve conversion opportunities.

  • Social media marketing

    That always represents the brands true voice and engages its audience with integrity

  • Open, friendly, transparent

    Operating an open and honest marketing service that takes responsibility for their actions.

How We Work With You

1. Contact

Let us know about your initial ideas for your project.

2. Chat

We have a friendly talk about your needs.

3. Brief

Let’s gather the details about your project goals.

4. Proposal

We create a detailed and concise proposal.

5. Discussion

We gather all of your feedback and suggestions.

6. Review

We update any of your requirements and needs.

7. Approval

We make sure you’re happy before proceeding.

8. Join Us

Hooray, we’re looking forward to partnering with you.

9. Enjoy

Fantastic results and passionate service.

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