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Enhance Your Organic Visibility With Local SEO Services

Local Search Marketing Matters

If you are a location based business, then ensuring your website and digital assets are optimised for local search results will be crucial to your success. Our local SEO services are all about improving your business’ visibility in the locations that matter to you.

Local Search Is Relevant

Did you know that over 50% of people who do a local search on their smartphone visit those local businesses within a day? Local SEO is powerful stuff. It can make a real difference between a potential customer choosing your business or your competitor down the road.

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Your Specialist Local SEO Agency

What Is local SEO?

In essence Local SEO is a strategic way of optimising your website, links to your website, local listings and other relevant signals that help to localise results for your business’ catchment area. Local SEO technique helps your business capitalise on the “service + near me” type searches that are growing at an average of 34% year on year.

The Right Local Signals

High rankings for location based search is only half of your opportunity. To really gain the full benefit of Local SEO, we optimise for “personalised” searches too. Google and Bing can use a smartphone’s GPS or network settings to determine a user’s location and the relevance of your business to their search query.

We optimise your local campaigns for these key opportunities to help you gain a strategic advantage over your competition.

A Strategic Approach

Creating a holistic strategy that benefits every area of your online marketing is what we do best. Our Local SEO services never operate in a silo. We can work with you in every area of your digital marketing to improve your results.

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Is local SEO For You?

Improve Your Local Visibility

If you have a business in one or multiple locations or you service customers in a specific geographical area such as a town or city, then Local SEO can help you find more of the right type of customers for your business. We have a track record of helping businesses improve their local visibility online and creating opportunities to bring more local business their way.

Technical & Creative

With our technical SEO experience and a wealth of web development know how, you can be sure that we have an innate ability to deliver both creative and technical campaigns that really resonate with your target audience.

Flexible Marketing Services

Social Media and Content Marketing can have a big impact on your local search rankings too. We offer an integrated approach that covers all of your marketing needs in one place.

Social Media Marketing

Local SEO is...

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What makes a
local SEO campaign great?

We Create Local SEO Campaigns That Drive Results

With a wealth of experience, tools and knowledge at your disposal, we aim to help you achieve your goals both now and in the future too.

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    Optimising Your Website

    There are many signals that search engines take from your website to help it determine your local relevance. We optimise these elements to give your website maximum visibility.

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    Google My Business Listings

    This powerful tool from Google can be optimised in many ways to enhance your business’s visibility in local search results. This can include improved targeting, showcasing your latest news, and establishing authority in your area.

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    Local Citation Building

    Not every directory listing is equal. Consistency, strategy, and manual effort is put into making your citations relevant and effective at helping search engines showcase your business effectively.

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    Local Link Building

    The power of local PR and authoritative local sources talking about your business can’t be understated. We help you build relevant, location based links to your site that establish trust and authority for your business and improve your visibility.

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    Location Based Content

    When you combine Local SEO with a strong content marketing strategy, you build trust and authority around your services or products within your target location.

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    Local Public Relations

    We can help you with press releases, content creation, outreach opportunities and ongoing brand monitoring too. We work with you every step of the way to harness opportunities that make your business stand out from the crowd.

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    Multiple Location Targeting

    Whether you have one or many locations, each site needs to work in tandem with the other. We help you work out and deliver a local SEO strategy that ranks your business favourably in all of your physical locations.

We know that Local SEO can be complex. That’s why we work with you directly every step of the way to get the best results for you and your business. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with Local SEO Services, then get in touch today.

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  • Photoshoot
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  • On-Page Optimisation
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  • SEO Copywriting
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  • Custom Analytics
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  • Mobile Responsive
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  • SEO Copywriting
  • Bespoke Functionality
  • Custom Analytics
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*Be Fair believes in being flexible in how we work together. These prices are a guide only. Each service is tailored specifically to your individual needs

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*Be Fair believes in being flexible in how we work together. These prices are a guide only. Each service is tailored specifically to your individual needs

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